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WolfPlay is a game about exploration and discovery! Assemble your pack of wolves and explore the wilderness, gaining territory, fighting enemies, and catching prey to eat.

This game has yearly cycles, with each season lasting four days. Upon the first day of spring your wolves will age.

We have a dual currency system. The game currency is mushrooms, and you earn these by finding them via exploring, as well as selling relics you find, and selling items you craft. The Antiquities Dealer will buy relics from you.

Of course your wolves need to eat and drink. You can catch and kill prey while exploring, or you can buy prey from Slim's Foodstock. If you run out of mushrooms and are too hungry to explore, Slim will give you food for free. You can also drink for free on your Food and Drink page.

This game features 15 different character attributes to build your wolves. The way you build your wolves affects how they interact with the world around them. Different character attributes affect different features in the game. As you increase your wolves' character points, they will be better at battling and finding events while exploring. The better your wolf build, the more valuable they will be.

You can also roleplay with your wolves in our Group Roleplay, in the forum, and in your mailbox. Please be sure to read the rules for Roleplaying.

Wolves don't die at a set age in this game. Starting at age 15 they will have a random chance at passing away each week.

Graag wil ik dat je mijn refferal gewoon houdt, want er is een wedstrijdje aan de gang en die zou ik graag willen winnen! Dit is natuurlijk een engelse sim-game en dus geen RPG, maar ik wilde dit graag met jullie delen omdat de site nét open is gegaan! Je kunt mij vinden onder Northern Lights op het forum en ook in het spel!

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