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[ RPG ] Doom

Bericht van AngelOfTheLord op za 6 sep 2014 - 10:43

Niet mijn forum, maar aangezien dat mensen wel op zoek lijken te zijn naar Engelse fora's post ik het toch maar hier. Er zijn aardige mensen en het is een awesome plot~ ^_^

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Snow. Freezing Temperatures. No sunlight. Lack of food. Sounds like a cake walk, doesn't it? Welcome to DOOM. We are a roleplay set in North America during a Nuclear Winter. Bombs were dropped. The major cities of the United States, may it rest in peace, were hit and leveled. Soot rose into the air and into the troposphere and stratosphere, blocking out the sun and creating serious climatic conditions. Those who were lucky to survive the attacks suffered some serious consequences. The chemicals on these new-age bombs affected people. Slowly but surely, they started developing special abilities or powers. There were very few people who managed to hide out in bunkers, and seemed to avoid absorbing as much of the chemical as others. They seem unaffected. For now.



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